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    We are currently engaged in an outreach project with our partners

There was an outcry over the implementation of Zunde RaMambo activities in Zaka district ward 8 by the traditional leaders. During one of the Zunde RaMambo activities, 18 community members failed to attend citing different reasons including, low yields leading people to lose faith in participating in the activities, poor storage facilities and management and also highlighted Zunde RaMambo as a failure because of corrupt leaders using the harvested grains for their personal benefit. They also highlighted that there is no standing committee to make sure all the grains are accounted for. The 18 community members who failed to attend were charged USD 20 each as fine for failing to attend the activity. The 18 community members engaged the COTRAD Zaka Ward 8 Peace Committees to negotiate with the headman and village heads on their behalf over the issue as they indicated the amount charged was not reasonable as …